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How To Be Magnetic To Your Prospects

by | May 11, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments


This is a follow up to a previous post.  If you haven’t read this first,  I would encourage you to do so by clicking here

I wanted to go a little deeper on selling from the inside out versus the outside in.  I hope you had chance to watch the video above from my business partner Lanny Morton.

He is explaining the key to happiness in life which is something I think everyone wants.

What he doesn’t mention in that video is that the concept of BE – DO – HAVE is also critical to sales.

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Have you ever encountered a waiter who was having a bad day and their attitude sucks?  Have you ever had a friend (Or Family Member) who, when they call,  you know they are only calling because the need something?   Have you ever met someone,  and something inside of you said “Run” because their energy scared you?

24/7/365 We are giving off energy.  That energy is the BE in what Lanny is talking about.  You can do all the right things in a sales conversation,  ask all the right questions,  but you will NOT get the sale if your BE is off..  Again,  people must know, like and trust you to want to buy from you.  People aren’t stupid and their intuition is usually really really good.  (Especially in Women)

On the flip side.  If your BE is solid, grounded and authentic in a spirit of service and gratitude,  you can say all the wrong things,  make massive mistakes and still get sales.

Now,  you are probably wondering,  how the heck to I get my BE right?  It’s really easy..   Just kidding, it’s not that easy and can sometimes be really challenging.

Here is a quick 5 minute process you can use to get your BE grounded.

Step 1:  Decide EXACTLY what you want.  Get very detailed.  Make sure this is something YOU really really want,  not what you think others think you should want,  what do you REALLY WANT?  WRITE IT DOWN!!  BE SELFISH!  it’s ok!  The process of writing down what you want changes your energy instantly.  Do you feel any different than you did 5 minutes ago before you started reading this post?  That’s your energy shifting.  Take this piece of paper you wrote on out any time you need to feel more enthusiastic energy.

Step 2:  Write down the things about others that make them your favorite people to be around.  Just make a simple list with one word answers.

Step 3:  Be Authentic.  Be You.    The truth is,  there is no one else on this planet who is like you.  You are unique, special and different.  You don’t have to “Fake it til you make it”,  just be yourself and work on being the BEST version of yourself.  People can spot a phony a mile away.  Don’t be that Guy/Gal.

Here is an Audio Training by Lanny and Deena Morton that might help if you want to dive deeper into a step by step system of setting your BE for success.

Be the Best,

Jeremy Miner

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P.P.S.  I Really appreciate you taking the time to read this.  if it brought value, please hit the share button and comment below.   :o)



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