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Commitment Comes In Two Forms

by | May 11, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

If you're still using Traditional Closing Techniques (aka the Old Model of Selling) to try to close your sales you're probably experiencing high levels of objections, rejection and resistance from your prospects.  In the New World of Selling (aka the New Model of Selling) the 7 Figure Salesperson asks what I call “Committing Questions.”

Asking what I call Committing Questions (aka, Closing questions) I don't like the word closing as it feels to me that its a demeaning word. After all if you heard a salesperson talking about the sale he just made on you, and said yea I closed that guy or gal, how would it make you feel?

Do you think that way of thinking about “Closing someone” Comes out when your communicating with your prospective customers? Its another reason why you keep getting AVERAGE results in selling, when you could be a High 6 figure and or a 7 Figure Salesperson.

Remember Committing or what traditional selling calls its “Closing”” is only 5% of the selling Model for a 7 Figure Salesperson. Why? Because the sale was already made in your potential customers mind during the Discovery Process of your skilled Questions and Listening skills you established. In their mind you have now become a TRUSTED AUTHORITY, and of course the next logical step for them to do is purchase your solution.

The commitment to move forward with you is a natural step for them at this point.

It takes two forms:

1. A commitment to take a series of smaller action steps (to move them forward)2. A commitment to do business with you and purchase your product or service.

Anything less than this is a clear signal that they are unlikely to go with your or your proposed solution. If that is the case then you know that you should take a bit more time and ask additional questions or move onto other people you can help.

Your going to come to a point where you need to decide on one of two steps.

Either ask for the commitment to do business with you aka, purchase your product/service or you can make a suggestion to set up a process for them to move progressively toward making a final decision.

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