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7th Level B2B Case Study
7th Level partners with Customer Experience Tech & Services company to improve sales and produce millions in top-line revenue.
The NEPQ Framework

Use this NEPQ methodology that we developed to close more sales quickly. This is the only proven sales framework that works in any industry.

See for yourself the difference between the old model of selling (AIDA) and our New Model of Selling (NEPQ).
NEPQ Cheat Sheet

Here at 7th Level, we use this cheat sheet to help us take on every client, sales task, or project.

NEPQ Implementation Guide

We utilize this as a reminder to ‘sharpen our saw’ and also when implementing the NEPQ methodology as we continue to practice our sales process.

How To Ditch The Pitch

With the rise of the internet & customers who are now more sophisticated and informed than ever before, the time has come to officially ‘ditch the pitch.’

Improving Your Daily Routine

Everyone’s daily routine is different and we all want to be more productive. This guide will help you improve your daily routine and enhance productivity overall.

Problem Solving Your Sales

Problems in your sales process and experience are inevitable. This resource will help you find solutions to sales problems you may face now or in the future.

Setting Up Your Calendar for Sales Calls

Scheduling your sales calls lets you achieve a smooth-as-honey sales process. In this resource, we share with you our hot tips on a flexible way to set up your sales call calendar.

Stacking Calls Back To Back

Managing your time well is a big key to handling your sales calls successfully. But stacking calls back to back can work against you. We share our experience in this resource.

The 3Cs of Closing

Sales success is determined by your ability to close deals with the prospects. That’s when you whip out this guide and apply the three “C’s of Closing” in this guide.

The NEPQ™ Black Book of Diffusing Objections
Quickly learn how to diffuse objections you get in your sales conversations using NEPQ™ principles and methods.

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