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Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to helping business owners, entrepreneurs & sales professionals learn & master the “New Model” of selling to achieve their full potential. Get to know our team below and feel free to reach out!

Jeremy Miner

CEO & Founder



Anthony Vizzari

VP of Revenue

David Duncan

VP of Sales

Susan Boon

VP Bookkeeping 

Blake Wyatt

VP of Marketing

Shane Hetherington

VP of Client Experience

Ben Flint

VP of Technical Operations

Kevin Kunis

VP of Finance

Chris Manitius

Skills Coach

Sam Greiner

Director of Client Experience

Balint Pataki

Director Of Operations

Beth Jolley

Director Of Customer Support

Beth Sandig

Director of Administration

James Grogan

Director Of Coaching

Rhode Thelemaque

Sr. B2B Account Executive

Freddy Cortez

Hiring Manager

Alex Sagona

Creative Director

Peter Lu

Copy Chief

Candice Parsons

Community Manager

Maithe Caminada

General Manager – Marketing

Julie Vongchanh

Sr. Project Manager

Tyler Bertie

Sr. Funnel Builder

Simon Luc


Erick Argueta


Logan Lapierre


Hassan Mohaidly

Email Marketing Specialist

Scott Gorman

Video Editor

Ambuj Saxena

Video Editor

Yash Gajjar

Account Manager

Mack Barton

Account Manager

Mason Church

Account Manager

Jonathan Ngo

Account Manager

Scott Orbuck

Account Manager

Brian Choi

Account Manager

Kyle Tso

Account Manager

Chiraag Thanki

Account Manager

Christian Polk

Account Manager

Kacper Wiloch

DM Setting Manager

Ryan Pouwells

Account Manager

Nick Woolery

Account Manager

Myles Would

Account Manager

Chad Elliot

Account Manager

Pete Clements

Account Manager

Daniel Van

 Account Manager

VIctoria Rozenhal

 Financial Planning & Analysis

Ace Blue

Assistant Revenue Officer

Luke Badman

Scripting Coach

Alberto Garcia

Accountability Coach

Danica Rodriguez

Accountability Coach


Founder & CEO

At 7th Level Communications, Jeremy has pioneered an internationally recognized sales training methodology that to date has helped more than 200,000 salespeople in 40 countries achieve exceptional results. This remarkable success in sales training has been the natural progression of his extraordinary sales career in the training and educational products industry. For more than a decade in the industry, he has led global sales forces, developed sales training, and been the top individual sales contributor at companies where he has exponentially increased revenues as a rule rather than as an exception. Jeremy is one of only three active sales trainers in the world with individual earnings as a salesperson of more than seven figures annually. He has consistently been ranked one of the top sales income earners internationally, including 45th in the top 150 earners among the 80 million active salespeople in the direct selling industry.

Before founding 7th Level Communications, Jeremy co-founded and served as Chief Sales Officer of an online education start-up that he took from zero to $37M in revenue the first year. Previously, he was Vice President of Sales at Wealth Masters International, a provider of personal finance training and educational products. With responsibility for recruiting and training the worldwide sales organization, he increased annual revenue from $12M to $75M in three years. Prior to Wealth Masters, Jeremy was Vice President of Sales and the top individual salesperson at Life Path Unlimited. His sales expertise helped propel this personal development training and education company from start-up to a market leader with $55M in annual revenue in only two years. Formerly, he was the top salesperson at Liberty League International in the same industry niche, where he was instrumental in the company setting new industry records for sales revenue.

Preceding his experience in the training and educational products industry, Jeremy was Regional Sales Manager and the top salesperson at Vivint, a supplier of home security services. He expanded the sales force, developed the sales training materials, and increased the company's annual revenue tenfold to $100M in two years. At Pinnacle Security almost 20 years ago, Jeremy started his sales career selling home security products door-to-door. Here he had his initial epiphany about conventional sales approaches and subsequently adapted his methods. His new methods earned him $100,000 during a summer break from college and the Vice President of Sales job two years later, during which he played a key part in the company being named to the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies. Jeremy studied behavioral and organizational science at Utah Valley University, which was to play a foundational role in the career-long development of his Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Questioning sales methodology.

Mary Beth Burke


Mary Beth is an accomplished sales leader with over 27 years of experience in various vertical industries. She has a dual background in sales leadership and organizational development, including over 10 years leading sales training and process design teams. Ms. Burke joined 7th Level Communication, in December of 2018, serving as COO. In her leadership role, Mary Beth has delivered exceptional personalized customer experience and developed plans and strategies for achieving sales goals to programs in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. As winner of the 2013 Excellence in Execution Award, given by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), Ms. Burke continues to demonstrate her commitment to both her clients and her sales teams. Prior to joining 7th Level Communications, Mary Beth served as Vice President, Global Sales Delivery, for TTEC’s sales outsourcing division. In her 10 years with TTEC, she served as Director, Sr. Director and Vice President (for the last six years) for new proof of concept programs as well as TTEC’s fastest growing technology client, Google. Mary Beth was the Director of Sales at Arete Sleep Health, and Regional Director of Sales for both Sprint and Verizon, prior to joining TTEC.

Brady McCarthy

Training Director

With over 15 years sales experience, Brady McCarty has been a a top performing individual contributor and sales leader.  As a top sales leader in the home services industry, Brady drove year-over-year top-line revenue growth in excess of $10M.

Brady has always displayed a fierce passion for sales, he has spent years focusing on different techniques to increase sales for both himself and his sales teams. He was 12 years into his sales career when he was introduced to 7th Level Communications training.  Like so many, he was drawn to the online training and became one of 7th Level Communications individual sales clients.  He completed all of the training and then set out to put the sales methodology to work.  He and his team were increasing their sales and exceeding their plans month-over-month and to this day, continue to thrive as a result of the training.

Brady came to realize that he was most fulfilled when he was helping his sales representatives learn the 7th Level methodology and grow their results.  He joined 7th Level Communications in 2017, selling and training his individual clients.  He has proven to be an invaluable resource with in-depth knowledge of the sales methodology and training process.

Brady will serve as our Director of Training here at 7th Level Communications, working to ensure that others have the same results and experiences he did.  He will be responsible for the customer experience and training quality ensuring our clients are maximizing the benefits of the training platform and sales methodologies.  Additionally, Brady will help us to ensure our training delivery and content maintain relevancy and continue to improve and deliver what today’s sales representatives need to be at the top of their game.

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