(800) 656-8534 support@7thlevelhqteam.com
(800) 656-8534 support@7thlevelhqteam.com

Chris Manitius

VP of New Opportunity

Chris Manitius got started in high ticket sales during the pandemic of 2020 when world circumstances forced him to pivot away from his events-based business.

During that time, Chris got into high ticket sales and was hired by Taylor Welch, CEO of Evans/Welch (a company that owns Traffic and Funnels, The Sales Mentor, and Wealth Cap Holdings) to lead The Sales Mentor’s new high ticket sales division. During that time, Chris helped the company go from start up, to becoming the most profitable, fastest growing company in Evans Welch portfolio history. Chris was an integral part in The Sales Mentor’s rapid growth, helping build out their sales process and mentor other team members to become more productive sales professionals, while also personally closing multiple millions in deals for the company.

Chris is an alumnus of the Inner Circle program and has trained personally with Jeremy Miner, Marco Cortesi, and Matt Ryder. Chris is now focused on helping 7th Level hone and fine tune its sales processes and offers to bring NEPQ to the masses.

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