(800) 656-8534 support@7thlevelhqteam.com
(800) 656-8534 support@7thlevelhqteam.com

Cody Guevara

Account Executive

Cody Guevara got started in sales in the midst of the pandemic back in 2020. He started out by investing in a beginner-style course, “The Inbound Closer Certification.” Once he understood a bit about the online sales game, he left his full-time job as a welder and got hired by a marketing company, “AdOutreach,” where he earned his stripes as an SDR. He worked there for a year, learned tons, and eventually got good enough to close for a start-up coaching company, and then soon took over the entire sales team as manager. He helped grow the sales team, and company from the startup level, to produce almost a million dollars in revenue every month. Cody is a NEPQ Inner Circle alumni and has trained personally with Jeremy, Marco Cortesi, and Matt Ryder. His main focus now is helping others get the best sales skills in the world, so they can see the same results or better than he did.

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