(800) 656-8534 support@7thlevelhqteam.com
(800) 656-8534 support@7thlevelhqteam.com

Matt Boon

Head of B2B

An ex-special forces serviceman, Matt is no stranger to high performance. It also explains why he went on to start and grow a string of health and wellness centers before ‘relaxing’ into sales full-time for a season, where – using NEPQ – he too achieved 7-figure per annum commission income.

As a business leader with a deep respect for metrics, Matt understands how foundational effective sales and persuasion skills are to any company’s health – and growth.

For us at 7th Level, Matt’s robust proficiency in his role as Chief Executive Officer has facilitated significant expansion of the NEPQ sales philosophy across different industries – with companies of all sizes and their salespeople, adopting this “New Model of Selling” and enjoying exponential results.

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