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Jeremy Miner's Journey to Creating 7th Level

Mary Beth, COO with 7th Level, shares why she left an incredible career to partner with Jeremy and 7th Level.

The rise of 7th Level and the story behind why Mary Beth joined the team as Chief Operating Officer

In Q4 of 2017, I was responsible for tens of millions in in top-line revenue and needed a sales training solution that could help my sales teams, across the globe, better align with today’s information-age buyers. Understanding that current sales methodologies were outdated and simply not driving the close ratios and results that I knew we could achieve, I began a search for a fresh and relevant take on the old sales skills and methodologies that were less and less effective with each passing year. I needed something that was affordable, sustainable and flexible enough to allow for hitting targets while training the sales team. I didn't want to lose sales performance while training because training isn't something you did, it's something you do.

What I found was the same sales philosophies and processes we have used for decades, packaged to look like something new. I didn’t find a sales training solution that had figured out how to drive sustainability of skill set improvement. I didn’t want to invest in sales training, get a lift for a quarter or two and then have the lift dissipate over time to the point where I have no return on my investment. I thought sustainability was a basic request and one that could almost go unmentioned, what I found was that while most training companies understand sustainability, they did not have a plan to address it outside of hiring them to come back in for some additional classroom style training. Re-investing in the same learning continues to deteriorate any potential ROI and certainly does not address the impact on productivity associated with pulling the sales team into a room for more training.

When I met Jeremy our conversation changed the outcome of my sales training strategy. Jeremy shared his perspective on why sales has become more difficult for so many and talked about the need for sales professionals to overhaul their approach to align better with today’s information-age buyer. He talked about how his sales training has helped so many individuals to improve their performance and earning potential by 100-500%+ andView showed me his approach to sustainability. We discussed the significant need for his type of approach in corporate sales training and how we could scale this individual approach to a corporate training approach.

A few months later, we put his sales methodologies to the test and trained three groups of sales representatives. What we discovered was incredible.

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