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What Questions to Ask that Build Massive Urgency in the Sale

How can you help your sales prospects overcome the fear that is keeping them from changing their situation and build an urgency in the sale? You can only do this when you’re armed with the right sales skills. One of those skills is knowing how to ask the right questions. That’s what Jeremy and Matt discuss in this episode and you wouldn’t want to miss out on this conversation.

How to Take the Mental Drain Out of Sales and Experience Amazing Results

Do you ever feel that selling is so mentally draining you no longer want to sell the following day?
Our guest, Tyshawn Warren, shares the mental drain he experienced when he was still using old school selling techniques. He then talks about how NEPQ drastically changed the selling experience for him as it resulted in an exponential increase in his income.

Remote Selling: How to Crush Your Sales From Anywhere

The lockdowns have given almost everyone the impression that a thriving business is impossible and shutting down operations is a logical solution. But this wasn’t the case with Martin Saliba who resorted to selling their cars remotely using NEPQ.

Daily Habits For Successful Salespeople: Time Blocking

Effective time management is a prerequisite to success in sales. With little to no guardrails in place, sales reps fail to effectively prioritize their time. They squander critical minutes and hours each day attending to the wrong activities and tasks.

The Secret To Become A Successful Sales Professional

Building a successful sales career is challenging, but it can also be interesting and satisfying. And, if you are ambitious and highly motivated, the financial rewards can be unlimited. We finally answer your burning questions about “what does it take to build a successful sales career?” or “What kind of traits or even habits are needed?” and many more!

Be Careful who you Learn From!

If you spend any amount of time on the internet, you will probably notice a huge influx of self-proclaimed gurus, life coaches, influencers and so-called “experts”. Imagine, a “business expert” who doesn't know how to grow their business. Sort of like a “life coach” who's living with their parents, paycheck to paycheck. A sales trainer who talks about a big game but not really showing real results.


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