Jeremy and 7th Level have been featured in Forbes, USA Today, Inc, Entrepreneur magazine, Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance and a host of other publications on the topic of sales, persuasion and the role of psychology and human behavior in the buying process.

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Grit Daily – July 31, 2021 Here’s how Jeremy believes that less “selling” leads to more sales.

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Thrive Global – April 22, 2021 This coach uses neuro emotions to help salespeople earn 7 figures

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International Business News – June 17, 2021 Special forces soldier turned CEO shares how it helped him build a company

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Vents Magazine – July 11, 2020 The three forms of communication salespeople must use to persuade

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Thrive Global – July 20, 2020 Consumer Behavior has changed

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Yahoo Finance – May 7, 2020 Mastering neuro-emotions can help salespeople unlock the 7 figure mark

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Yahoo Finance – March 24, 2020 Top 21 entrepreneurs give advice on growing a business during the coronavirus pandemic

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Disrupt Magazine – July 15, 2020 How to move to the new model of selling

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The American Reporter – July 10, 2020 Why the old selling model is ineffective

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Big Time Daily – July 10, 2020 Techniques that helped Jeremy Miner jump from $0 to $2.4 million

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eNews 2.0 – July 10, 2020 The History of Sales Techniques

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London Daily Post – July 15, 2020 The biggest problem you don't know you have in sales in the post-trust era


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