Internationally recognized, 7th Level Communications has successfully instructed thousands of individuals on Business to Business (B2B) sales teams. Teaching how to consistently increase each team's sales through innovative techniques and proven methods, 7th Level Communications provides guidance and education, thereby skyrocketing their clients from average results in their sales career to becoming a top 1% earner in their sales industry.

7th Level offers thousands of salespeople innovative training on how to eliminate many of the common difficulties preventing them from propelling their sales to the next level. With the New Model of Selling (N.E.P.Q), 7th Level Communications equips their clients with the tools to eradicate rejection, and teaches them how to connect with their prospects.

7th Level Communications offers the salesperson the skills to cold call, and creative methods to overcome their prospect's objections and concerns. Ultimately, 7th Level can provide their clients with the tools and expertise to close more sales without cultivating the stereotypical negatives so often associated with becoming a successful salesperson. Instead, 7th Level teaches their clients how to successfully own their career while allowing their prospects to close the deal themselves with confidence that the most trusted authority in the market is at their side.

Boasting “The Only Friction-Free, Persuasion Sales System Guaranteed To Increase Revenue,” 7th Level Communications offers The Neuro Emotional Persuasion Questioning (N.E.P.Q.) methodology. N.E.P.Q. methodology was developed by 7th Level founder and CEO, Jeremy Mine, with the goal of teaching salespeople and sales teams how to meet buyers where they are, focusing on integrating the human connection into the selling process. From an exploratory and educational perspective, 7th Level centers on the client's problem and on assisting the buyer to persuade themselves to finish the sale.

7th Level Communications offers an innovative learning experience with a new spin on an old craft, “Our learning environment is flexible. It allows your sales representatives to learn while on the sales floor and on-the-go without taking time away from clients. The methodology, sales techniques and sales platform ensures a sustainable ROI for the business and progressive training at your own pace.”

With thousands of successful customers, 7th Level Communications offers the modern sales team the opportunity to maximize their skills and satisfy their prospects with the New Model of Selling. Through the training that the company provides, sales teams can gain the knowledge and expertise required to multiply their sale percentages in unique and proven way.

“This training gives you the tools so you no longer worry about whether you're going to be able to pay your bills,” states Drew T., a satisfied student of 7th Level's innovative training, “You can apply it to any kind of sales and see immediate results. I have tripled and quadrupled my sales while working less.”

Through the New Model of Selling, B2B sales teams in a variety of industries can gain the confidence and trust of their prospects. Solidifying their authority in their field, they improve the human connection, ultimately eliminating rejection from the process. This in turn allows the prospect to meet their purchasing goal without the uncomfortable feelings of coercion or manipulation so often following a purchase. With N.E.P.Q., prospects sell themselves, and the sales team needs only to ask the correct questions at the right times.