For an average salesperson, selling is never an easy task, and it can be even more challenging to convert prospects to customers if you work for a B2B company. You might have attended several sales training programs or read tons of books authored by known figures in the industry but still finding it difficult to close prospects. This only shows that your words and tone lack the credibility to persuade the prospect to buy from you.

The truth is, laboring to persuade or convince prospects to buy your products doesn’t always work. This is because almost every salesperson in your industry is relying on the same approach. The easiest way to escape the rat race and conveniently close prospects is getting them to convince themselves to buy.

This approach is rarely mentioned in most sales books, training and workshops. One program that can help you scale your career and become better at converting prospects to delighted customers by getting them to persuade themselves is 7th Level.

What Is The 7th Level About?

7th Level is a training platform that shows you a systematic approach to improve your sales performance using a Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Questioning (NEPQ). The platform is dedicated to helping professional teams in B2B to create a friction-free sales environment to exponentially skyrocket sales.

7th Level teaches a revolutionary approach to selling that cuts a tie with the traditional or old AIDA model which places a huge emphasis on presentation while ignoring the importance of productive engagement and trust-building. The system will show you why your approach has not been producing commendable results, and what you can do to start closing more sales.

7th Level is an online sales training that has helped thousands of people and companies to turn around their sluggish sales. The mobile-enabled, innovative, and flexible training platform is rooted in human behavioral psychology and provides easy-to-digest, custom, and on-demand training for sustainable results.   

To succeed as a salesperson in today’s fast-paced and densely saturated marketplace, you have to understand the unique expectations of each of your prospects. The ability to assuage their fears, and position your products as the most effective solution to their problems is very key to enjoying continuing sales.

7th Level is rooted in the principle that selling be devoid of pressure or friction. If selling is indeed an exchange of value, then it requires both parties – the salesperson and their prospects to be on the same page about the benefits that the product in question delivers. That said, successful salespeople are the ones who are able to develop an effective message that makes their prospects want to buy from them.

How Does Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Questioning Work?

The Neuro Emotional Persuasion Questioning (NEPQ) methodology was developed by Jeremy Miner, the founder and CEO of 7th Level. The procedure is designed to teach professionals like you how to meet prospects where they are and pitch your products.

NEPQ draws on exploratory and educational perspectives to bring humanity back into the selling process. By applying the methodology, you will be able to identify the problems that your prospects are experiencing and recommend solutions that resonate with them which in turn results in the potential buyers persuading themselves to buy.

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