Jeremy Miner, the CEO of 7th Level Communications, a company that works to transform sales teams for improved business performance, sales effectiveness, and increased revenue, this week announced he is going to launch his own podcast: Closers Are Losers. 

Based on the premise that sales “closers” are going to lose sales if they continue with the same old-school, outdated closing techniques, Closers Are Losers is on a mission to help sales reps level up and achieve extraordinary results from listening to the podcast. 

“I’ve curated a team of sales experts and elite sales influencers who are going to appear as featured guests on the show to provide a slew of information and insight to those listening,” said Miner. “It’s time for the sales industry to let go of the tactics and method that just don’t work in 2020. We have to modernize, together.”

Some notable guests who will appear on the show include Victor Antonio, Shari Levitin, Chip Eichelberger, Trish Bertuzzi, Aaron Ross, Patricia Fripp, Evan Stewart, and the list goes on.

During his tenure with 7th Level Communications, Miner has pioneered an internationally recognized sales training methodology that has helped more than 200,000 salespeople in 40 countries achieve their best results. For more than a decade in the sales industry, Miner has led global sales forces and developed proprietary sales trainings that have produced exceptional results. He is hoping to do that again through the dissemination of Closers Are Losers.

“I have devoted my life to analyzing current sales processes and thinking outside the box to create new systems that resonate with today’s consumers,” said Miner. “I am encouraging everyone in the world of sales to give this new podcast a listen today.”

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