7th Level Communications, a company that promotes systematic sales training strategies, has created a survival guide for companies. The guide is intended to demonstrate how sales teams can not just survive but thrive during these uncertain times. By following three steps, sales professionals can keep closing deals despite economic turmoil.

7th Level Communications offers a revolutionary approach to selling delivered on the most innovative training platform in the world. Many sales trainers claim to help improve sales, but 7th Level Communications has a systematic approach to guarantee sales performance.

Traditional selling techniques rarely work to significantly improve the performance of a sales team, but with the new model of selling and the ability to track the sales team with a virtual training platform, results and sustainable lift come quickly. The way of selling has changed, and modern buyers are different. The gap must be bridged. Sellers must understand the way buyers research, the information they have available to them, and the way they interact with sales representatives. Most organizations are failing to recognize the current shift and apply the necessary changes to their sales models. The few organizations that are adopting the new model of selling are reaping tremendous benefits.

This new model of selling is founded in Neuro Emotional Persuasion Questioning (NEPQ). Developed by Jeremy Miner, the founder and CEO of 7th Level Communications, NEPQ methodology teaches clients to meet the buyers where they are. Clients are taught to assess this state from an exploratory and educational perspective that brings humanity back into the selling process. By focusing on the problems the client is experiencing and the specific stages and questioning recommended, 7th Level Communications shows clients how to assist buyers in persuading themselves of the sale.

The learning environment at 7th Level Communications is flexible and allows sales representatives to learn while on the sales floor and without taking time away from clients. The methodology, sales techniques, and sales platform ensure a sustainable ROI for the business and progressive training at the client's pace.

These techniques and services offered by 7th Level Communications have a proven track record of success. 7th Level Communications has partnered with leading companies with the goal of improving their sales training effectiveness and sustainability. Using the new model of selling coupled with a powerful training platform, companies are able to realize significant increases in close rates, sales target achievement, and top-line revenue for their clients.

7th Level Communications helps companies create a friction-free sales environment to sky-rocket sales. The virtual training platform has helped thousands of people and companies turn-around sluggish sales. The mobile-enabled, innovative, flexible training is rooted in human behavioral psychology and provides easy-to-consume, on-demand training for sustainable results.


For more information about sales training, visit the 7th Level Communications website at https://7thlevelhq.com.