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Real Results

Take your time to watch the videos below to discover how the New Model of Selling really works for salespeople from all kinds of industries!


Kaitlin Marius Mada

“What I recognized in the last two months is I never had a question that now I can ask with so much certainty to get people to live their best lives.”

Jake Bell

“I've actually now gone from selling anywhere from $3k to $5k packages all the way up to $30k to $35K packages. I wasn't selling anywhere above $5k before NEPQ™.”

Freda Kocholla

“I've easily gone from about 10% paid in full to about 60% now. So most of my sales now are paid in full.”

Conor Healey

“I've started to go from $1K-$1.5K per week to about $4k to $5k per week as a commission-only sales rep just being 21.”

Christian Peter

“I more than doubled my close rate, I think I increased it by about 250% in 60-90 days of implementing everything.”

Brad Bedford

“Using the techniques that Jeremy, Matt, and the team have showed me has now allowed me to double my income in less than 12 months and every month we're breaking new sales records.”

Bogdan Micov

“I'm taking twice less calls and I'm making triple MORE SALES than when I started.”

Anthony Vizzari

“I got a $25K paid in full. Like, paid in full! In the past two years, I've never really gotten paid in full this was a different way of selling. I've since collected more paid in fulls, more sales, and made more commissions than I ever made in the past, thanks to Jeremy.”

Billy Howard

“I learned about NEPQ™ last August and going into it has massively shifted my perspective on sales. Prospects now take themselves seriously, they take fixing their problems seriously.”

Aditi Jhaveri

“Since working with him directly, October I had my biggest month, I hit $25K. The way he asks questions just automatically disarms the prospects.”

Chris Bensted-Smith

“I actually look forward to the calls, I enjoy it, I know exactly what's happening in each stage of the process. I can reverse engineer that success.”

Daniel Seyf

“I don't have to get overenthusiastic about anything, I don't have to yell at the prospect. I don't have to call them bad names or anything. In fact, I can approach them in a neutral way but have the underlying confidence to be able to lead the sale.”

Hysam Elkalban

“I just had my best month in December and it was all due to Jeremy, Matt, and all the team at NEPQ™ because I wouldn't have been able to learn the skills to do that. And for me, it was the lack of skills that was getting me.”

Jeff Peterson

“My closing rate went from about 10% to 60%. Today alone I've closed $12,000 dollars.”

Michael Riordan

“You know, so, NEPQ has helped me out, it's just such an easy process. You're not feeling stressed out at the end because it's just so smooth.”

Joseph Rowberry

“I went from six figures to seven figures within six months and I haven't looked back!”

Martin Saliba

“We took our sales department from $200-300K to $650K consistently. A 100% increase in growth – completely selling vehicles online!”

Tales Couto

“I wouldn't be able to close deals if it weren't for Jeremy. I went from making $30-40k a year to making $20-30k in commissions per month. It doesn't matter what the size of the deal is, what matters is your skillset.”

Juan José Duarte Rocha

“I started selling high ticket products after a scripting workshop with Jeremy and after only a month, I was able to close 18 sales at a 40% closing rate!”

Shane Hetherington

“Over the last six to seven months after starting the NEPQ training course, I was able to double the income I had from my previous job of almost two years, in a matter of three months.”

Liam Morin

“This Bentley didn't happen without NEPQ. Take it from me, it works.”

Tony Haddad

“I work for Jeremy because I did the training. Opportunity comes after action.”

Tory Jackson

“I implemented the training and in a month, I was able to take my closing ratio from 15% to 60%.”

Mike Lee

“In the old days I was making $20K a month. Now, $90K – $100K+ every month.”

Christy Snape

“My sales have increased dramatically, well over a 60% increase.”

Tiji Thomas

“After I met Jeremy, my income doubled and I grossed $70K dollars. Jeremy got me focused on the customer-centred approach.”

Pierre Beaudoin

“I’ve doubled and tripled my income since working with Jeremy. I’m pulling in $40K-$60K a month.”

Max Aria

“After 60 days of going through the process, my paycheck after that was $88K dollar, from $10K.”

Drew Innes

“He has taken me from somebody with no sales background at all to a 7-figure income earner. And I regard him as a friend and a mentor.”

Phil Carrick

“Jeremy has taken me from a sales novice to being a sales beast. I’ve gone from 0 to 1 sale a week to closing 5-6 high ticket sales every single week.”

Peter Moran

“The most I’ve done in 1 year is about $125K a month. But in the last two months alone, I doubled my income from the entire last year.”

Drew Trainor

“I have tripled and quadrupled my sales with way less work. You can apply it to any kind of sales and see immediate results.”

Kristen Stephens Sharma

“It’s authentic and doesn’t feel like smoke and mirrors, or have a pushy feeling.”

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