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Mike Lee

“In the old days I was making $20K a month. Now, $90K – $100K+ every month.”

Christy Snape

“My sales have increased dramatically, well over a 60% increase.”

Tiji Thomas

“After I met Jeremy, my income doubled and I grossed $70K dollars. Jeremy got me focused on the customer-centred approach.”

Pierre Beaudoin

“I’ve doubled and tripled my income since working with Jeremy. I’m pulling in $40K-$60K a month.”

Max Aria

“After 60 days of going through the process, my paycheck after that was $88K dollar, from $10K.”

Drew Innes

“He has taken me from somebody with no sales background at all to a 7-figure income earner. And I regard him as a friend and a mentor.”

Phil Carrick

“Jeremy has taken me from a sales novice to being a sales beast. I’ve gone from 0 to 1 sale a week to closing 5-6 high ticket sales every single week.”

Peter Moran

“The most I’ve done in 1 year is about $125K a month. But in the last two months alone, I doubled my income from the entire last year.”

Drew Trainor

“I have tripled and quadrupled my sales with way less work. You can apply it to any kind of sales and see immediate results.”

Kristen Stephens Sharma

“It’s authentic and doesn’t feel like smoke and mirrors, or have a pushy feeling.”

Cheryl Campbell

“Because of the sales pressure, we stopped listening and caring. But now, what we’re doing just makes sense, that when you think of the old way you come to think of why you ever did it that way.”

Shauna Congelliere

“Not only have I increased my sales, but I’ve really been able to help the people I’m encountering.”

Charles Rosen

“I’m proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. The teachings I received helped me to get out of my old, ingrained habits that just weren’t working for me in the new market.”

Bryn Kosack

“I felt burnout jumping from company to company and the whole process of convincing people to join your business was the same. But through Jeremy’s training, I’ve learned to take the focus out of myself in the sales process to focus on the other person.”

Ash Ali

“What intrigued me is it’s not really about getting people to buy, it’s about getting them to convince themselves to buy. And it doesn’t come across as high pressure.”

Justin Arrington

“Taking it from ‘the best’ to ‘even better’ was something that happened pretty quickly, dramatically, implementing Jeremy’s trainings. ”

Stephan Fincais

“With this new model of selling, I don’t feel like ‘I have to sell’… You just feel how open you become to your prospects and in response they become more open to you.”

Randy Bevins

“I used the old sales model for 25 years and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. After using NEPQ, my sales conversions have increased over 50% which also increased my income.”

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