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NEPQ Black Book of Questions

243 Brand new NEPQ questions that can be used for any sales situation you are in or anything that is sold. These questions were not in NEPQ version one. Jeremy has included them for only his students in the new platform.

The NEPQ Book for the Personalized Intro

Learn how to use the powerful ‘intro’ tool in any networking situation to create curiosity & elicit interest. Includes exercise to create personalized intro and example intros for various industries.

The NEPQ book for Calling Leads

Learn why most salespeople sound like robots when calling leads and how to train yourself to avoid this “trap”. Complete with roleplaying examples and four new connecting questions.

The NEPQ Book for “Diffusing” any Objection

Learn the 3-step process to get your prospects persuading themselves to overcome their concern about what you sell, and how to eliminate objections before they arise.

Weekly Sales Training Call

A group call every week with Jeremy Miner himself including new training and Q&A to get any of your questions answered.

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