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(800) 656-8534 support@7thlevelhqteam.com

Training Options


The following NEPQ training options are designed to deliver the results you’re after:

NEPQ 2.0 NEPQ 3.0 Inner Circle
Interactive ‘forget-proof ‘virtual sales training portal that tracks your progress.
Exclusive NEPQ sales framework
Covers the entire sales process, every question type throughout - and applicable to any industry
NEPQ Foundations Training
Shift away from ‘pitching’ // ‘telling’ // applying sales pressure // assuming the sale…
– to a scientific, stress -free neuro -emotional selling - methodology that allows you to:
connect // diagnose // uncover the prospect’s emotional - psychological “buying switch” // and… trigger the need to commit.
The exact Neuro -Emotional Persuasion Questions and language to use
When cold calling // introducing yourself // conducting a full sales discovery call // sending proposals // making presentations // seeking a commitment.
Advanced psychological and strategic sales tactics
Includes: looping // reframing // objection handling // tonality virtual training. 
Tonality // pacing // cadence coaching
Tonality accounts for as much as 50% of improved results
Weekly NEPQ Role -play Sessions
Personalized / Industry specific NEPQ script writing  
Tailor and tie next -level NEPQ nuances to your specific product or service
Deep dive into the sales -making subtleties of every question and statement type within the 5 stages of the NEPQ sales framework
Connection Questions
Situation Questions
Problem Awareness Questions
Solution Awareness Questions
Consequence Questions
Transition to Presentation
Presentation: structure your language to avoid sales pressure and maintain unwavering trust
Commitment Questions
Lead prospects to persuade themselves Lead prospects to overcome their own objections.
Call -review coaching *
Learn how to apply next level, custom NEPQ nuances to your process.
Call -reviews deliver FAST results. Clients sell more with each insight gained 
Objection-handling coaching *
Laser-targeted training designed to transform you into an unflappable objection-handling master. 
Advanced role-play and feedback sessions *

*Note: Trainings are ‘Live’ with replays weekly, and role-plays daily.

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NEPQ 2.0 – training solution

We provide our clients with access to the most advanced interactive sales training solution on the planet.

NEPQ 3.0

Access to the 2.0 training solution, plus advanced sales tactics (objection handling & more!); tonality-pacing-cadence coaching & NEPQ role play sessions.


2.0 + 3.0 perks plus personalized scriptwriting; tailor nepq nuances to industry/product/service; deep-dives; call review coaching, advanced role plays & Script Writing with Jeremy.


We train & work with companies of all sizes and industries all over the world!

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