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Ash Ali

It's not really about getting people to buy, it's about getting them to convince themselves to buy.

Max Aria

My month after I started with the program was $80K, from $10K.

Pierre Beaudoin

I've doubled and tripled my monthly income since working with Jeremy. I'm pulling in $40K to $60K a month in online sales.

David Kosack

“I quadrupled my income and lowered my blood pressure.”

Charles Rosen

“I'm proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. These teachings helped to get me out of my old, ingrained habits that just weren't working for me in the new market.”

Brian Koehn

“I will never be without money again, as long as I have the ability to speak.”

Tony Bianco

“I reconnected at a human level. In my life it's been revolutionary. Sales increase and results are incredible.”

Joe Kennedy

“Seven-figure sales training is a system that you can use to really discover who you are and who you wanna be.”

Phil Carrick

“From 0 to 1 sale a week to 5-6 high ticket sales every single week. Jeremy has taken me from a sales novice to being a sales beast.”

Peter Moran

“The last two months alone, I doubled my income from the entire year last year. And it’s not that tense on the phone anymore. They trust and interact with me more.”

Drew Trainor

“I have tripled and quadrupled my sales with way less work. You can apply it to any kind of sales and see immediate results.”

Drew Innes

“He has taken me from somebody with no sales background at all to a seven-figure income earner. And I regard him as a friend and a mentor.”

Kristen Stephens

“It's authentic and doesn't feel like smoke and mirrors. or have a pushy feeling.”

Cheryl Campbell

“It's not just words on paper, it's all about cadence and tone…and being detached from the sale.”

Bryn Kosack

“It's fascinating just how quickly you can change a situation. This training is a life changer…on every level.”

David Shell

“I hit a ceiling, but broke through as a result of the training.”

Jesse Miller

“You're going to have an opportunity to learn the new way of selling which is going to absolutely change your business. Within the last couple of weeks, I've grown my business about 10-12% just from using these tactics.”

Tony Brenner

“The techniques I've learned and the way I communicate with people is 180 degrees different from what I was doing before. And it works.”

Larry Crisp

“Thanks to Jeremy, my son and I are both enjoying incredible success. We've seen huge improvement in our relationship building, relationship maintenance, and decreased sales cancellations.”

Angelo Bonomo

“With the help of Jeremy Miner, I'm planning to quit my day job in 3-6 months and have this be my full time job. I'm confident now that I can reach my goals.”

Dave Bradshaw

“With this new sales process, I can leave at the end of the day with enough energy left in the tank to spend with my family.”

Shauna Congelliere

“Not only have I increased my sales, but I've really been able to help the people I'm encountering.”

Justin Arrington

“Taking it from ‘the best' to ‘even better' was something that happened pretty quickly, pretty dramatically, once I implemented these trainings.”

Stephan Fincias

“I don't feel like I ‘have' to sell… I feel like my goal is to identify if there is a sell to be made, and that's what works.”

Damien Martin

“Seven-figure sales training is a must for anyone in any industry who wants to take their sales to the next level.”

Dave Bengal

“It's actually changed the way I do sales…completely. This is going to save me so much time and make us way more efficient.”

Joseph Rowberry

“You can’t find content like this anywhere. Jeremy Miner changed my career!”

Channing Gardiner

“When I walked away from this training, I was able to immediately secure an appointment with someone I'd been trying to get ahold of for 6 months. The proof is in the pudding.”

Marlon Nuqui

“I doubled my income in 1 year and am on pace to double it again in year 2.”

Neal Crisp

“Jeremy is a master at helping you overcome obstacles and reaching new heights in sales commissions!”

Randy Bevins

“I used the old sales model for 25 years and wasn't getting the results I wanted. And after using NEPQ, my sales conversions have increased over 50% which also increased my income!!”

Lee Lemieux

“I used to sell $100+ products but after the training, I now sell $2500+ products, which also increased my income.”

John Bowers

“Due to the training I got from Jeremy, I was able to take my business in sales from $5k/month to $20k+/month in a very short period of time!”

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